Tuesday, October 26, 2010

John Wall's Regular Season Debut

It happens Thursday, October 28, 2010...

Opening up against the Orlando Magic...

It's an away game, but pay attention!

The Rookie of the Year campaign begins!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Time to Play CATCH-UP

Bad news: I haven't updated this blog in over a month.

Good news: No one is really checking for it on a daily basis.

So here's my wrap-up:

John Wall averaged 24 PPG, 8 APG, 4 RPG, 3 SPG in 4 Summer League games.
Adjust his minutes and he averaged 13 free throws per 36 minutes. He shot 87% (41 of 47) from the free throw line. (This is a big deal... superstars get to the line at ease... it's a great way to control, and end, games)

He did average 5 turnovers per game. He'll have to work on his decision making. However, his blazing speed contributes to many of the turnovers. There aren't many players in the league that can stay in front of John Wall once he turns on his extra gear.

He missed one game due to tendinitis of the knees, but it's nothing too serious.

JaVale McGee played extremely well in Summer League, as well.
Most recently, he was added to TEAM USA.
Brook Lopez dropped out because he's suffering from mono.

JaVale McGee and Tyson Chandler are the only two centers on the roster.
Look for JaVale to get plenty of work with highly-talented, and mature NBA veterans.
This could be great for the development of the third-year center.
He compares favorably to Chandler.

Let's hope he proves to be more durable, and more offensively-capable than the new Dallas Maverick.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Washington, D.C.... Welcome Yi Jianlian!

The New Jersey (Or can we just call them Brooklyn?) Nets have traded Yi Jianlian and 'cash considerations' to the Washington Wizards for nothing, in exchange. The Wizards will use their trade exception (acquired when they traded Etan Thomas to the Minnesota Timberwolves, a year ago...).

This move dumps salary for the Nets (they now have $30 millie) and the Wizards add a scoring forward that doesn't play defense or do much of anything except spot up and shoot...

They are calling it a 'depth' move, but whatever...

The Wizards want to increase their market.
The Verizon Center is smack-dab in the middle of CHINATOWN.

I'm just sayin', baby... I'm just sayin'....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blatche to Miss Three Months...

of basketball activities. This news comes after Andray Blatche fractured a bone in his right foot.

He is expected to do his rehabilitation at either The Luxe Lounge, or The Park At Fourteenth ...

I kid.
I kid.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Last Pick of the 2010 NBA Draft, Selected by the Phoenix Suns...is...


and that wraps up the 2010 NBA Draft.

Tomorrow, your team will have probably completed a trade.

At 56 Overall, the Minnesota Timberwolves (selecting on behalf of the WSH Wizards) select...

Hamady Ndiaye

The 7-footer will immediately provide rebounding and defense (averaged 4.5 blocks per game last season).

He's still raw and won't provide much offense.

I'm disappointed that the Wizards didn't select Stanley Robinson, but there's hope...


The 2010 NBA Champion, Los Angeles Lakers select...


"Get 'em up!"

The Los Angeles Lakers have selected West Virginia forward, Devin Ebanks.
Ebanks is an extremely athletic player.
He's an aggressive rebounder and a versatile defender.

As pictured, he needs to add some bulk.
He'll need to add a jump shot to his game, as well.

However, he won't be expected to contribute immediately.
By the time the Lakers push Odom and Artest out of the door, Ebanks will hopefully be ready to be a significant contributor to the Los Angeles Lakers...

or he could be traded by the time I wake up.
That's how the NBA Draft works.